April 5, 2020

Coronavirus Quarantine : How to spend time during quarantine


Coronavirus Quarantine How to spend time during quarantine

Coronavirus Quarantine

Today we will discuss how to spend time during coronavirus quarantine.

Social distancing is vital to prevent the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. As people all around the world are finding out, a quick way to run out of things to do.

Personal hygiene is vital to stemming the spread of coronavirus. It is important to wash your hands and avoid hugging and handshaking.

COVID-19 has likely flooded your timeline. Most news from media you consume is all about the prevention and symptoms of coronavirus.


How to spend time during quarantine ?

During this period, it’s vital to manage stress. A certain amount of anxiety is a normal response to a threat.

Some health organization companies point out some products that can kill coronavirus. It’s still important to stay active.

Gyms are closing across the country but fresh air is still recommended.

With school and colleges suspended many public facilities closed and lots of people working from home, you might be itching to get outdoors.

But in the case despite being outdoors you should still observe the advice social distancing measures.


With schools and colleges across the country shut for a few days, Many parents are finding themselves plunged into trying to home-school for their children. 

Ideally teachers will provide lessons on whether online lectures meet students’ academic needs. It’s the best opportunity for you to spare your free time teaching students online.

A large number of people, spent their time on watching movies and film and TV shows indoors are going to skyrocket for them.

There’s plenty on Netflix at the moment to help you to pass their time. Netflix provides you the lists of their best 101 films to watch right now on streaming services.

Get Reading

You can spend your time reading. You can pleasure yourself by reading the book of your own taste. You can enjoy the latest books of the years.

Get Cooking

You can entertain yourself by doing the cooking. Looking for recipes or try it while you are spending extra time indoors, making you pleasure


You can start a journal or blogging.

You can write poetry.

Download the Duolingo app to teach yourself a foreign language.

You can learn New Computer skills using Youtube.

You can Start Freelancing.

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