June 5, 2020

Countries Which Are Corona Free


Countries that are not affected by the coronavirus :

The spread of the coronavirus took us all by amaze, and the speed at which it has spread all over the world is fluster. How ever, that it is nearly impossible to imagine that some states still have no reported cases of the Coronavirus.


Globally Pandemic Effect Of COVID-19:

The novel coronavirus, which has been renamed as COVID-19, has arrived more than 170 countries including China. Coronavirus has been labeled a pandemic. The coronavirus was apparently limited to China. But a few weeks later, this illness became globally pandemic. COVID-19 has been now reported in at least 188 countries.

Cases Recorded:

According to data assembled by Johns Hopkins University, more than 6.3 million people have been infected, and the global death toll is more than 380,000. Nearly 2.7 million patients have recovered.
But, here are a few countries that have not reported any case of coronavirus.

Republic Of The Marshall Islands:

The Republic of the Marshall Islands reported a suspected case of an old man in Majuro city. Samples were taken from the old person and tested were reported to be negative. The country has imposed travel bans on several countries including China, Hong Kong, Macau, Asian Country, Italy, Germany, and Iran.


A suspected case of coronavirus was reported in Fiji of a 37-year-old woman who comes back from Japan. She was accommodated in isolation at the Hospital in northern Fiji, after reporting respiratory disorder. Samples taken from her were sent to a WHO laboratory and reported to be negative.


Barbados has announced that all suspected cases in the country have reported negative, although the exact number of suspected cases has not been a leak.


Two doubtful cases of coronavirus infection were declared in Syria and later tested negative for the virus. The two men were own up to a hospital after falling sick and being in contact with a person from Iran. Tests released that the two persons were suffering from lobar-pneumonia(lung diseases) and were treated for the indication.


A total of five doubtful cases of coronavirus infection were reported in Bostwana. All the cases have tested negative for the COVID-19 infection as reported by the government on 5 of February.
Angola: The first suspected coronavirus case in Angola was outlined on 29 January. The doubt is on a Chinese citizen currently under observation in a clinic in Luanda. His samples have tested negative for the virus.


A 21-year-old woman reported being the country’s first suspected case of coronavirus which tested negative. She was admitted to the Hospital in Nuku’alofa after showing symptoms of the COVID-19 disease. Her samples were sent to the research laboratory in Australian, where they were committed to being negative.

Republic Of Palau:

The Government of Palau posts a negative test result for a suspected case on 09 March. The suspected was reported to be a 73-year-old woman who arrived from the US. Her samples were sent to Taiwan for coronavirus testing and committed as negative.

Here are the lists of more countries which are corona free:



.D. P. R. of Korea

.Federated States of Micronesia




.Republic of Yemen

.Saint Kitts and Nevis


.Sierra Leone

.São Tomé and Príncipe





.Western Sahara

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