March 28, 2020

Freelancing as a Career for Women

Freelancing as a Career for Women

Freelancing as a Career for Women

Today we will Discuss Freelancing as a Career for Women. 

In many ways, freelancing offer freedom and advantages not only for men. But also enable women to achieve the career which is perfectly suitable for their desires and lifestyle.

Freelancing career can be tailored to the needs of women everywhere. In the past, women were forced to make a choice between having a career or to be stay at home.

Freelancing as a Career for Women

But thanks to freelancing, though this is no longer the case. Freelancer enables you to work from home and set your own work hours. Now this is not necessary to stay outside from home at your workplace.

There is no shortage of career opportunities available for smart and driven women who want to succeed at the highest levels.

Opportunities for Women In Freelancing

Freelancing is one of the best options for the women who are looking for the best possible way to achieve professional life. 

For women, freelancing is the best career. It provides you the service to work from anywhere, all you need is good internet connection or a laptop. Where you can stay in touch 24/7.

If you are looking for a way to earn money online while working from home or looking for a way to kick-start your professional career. Then Freelancing is best for you.

It offers a lot of opportunities for women. There are many websites to start your work online like Guru, Freelancer, Up work, Fiver and many more.

In US, female freelancer earns more than men in Washington DC, New York and Los Angeles. Pakistan has become the 4th biggest country using website. Out of over 23 million users worldwide over 860,000 registered users on the website come from Pakistan

Freelance Statistics of 2019 :

Women freelancers in Pakistan, which are not only getting succeed in their career.  But also becoming motivation for the young adults in Pakistan. 

Anum Zulfiqar is the first example of it. She shared her succeed story and motivate the youth.

Anum Zulfiqar:

Anum is the first social entrepreneur and freelancer from Pakistan. She got her bachelor in Software Engineering from Fatima Jinnah University. Then, looking for online working platform. She came to know that Fiver is one of the world largest freelancing portals that connect entrepreneur with the employers.

Joins Fiver in 2015 and started getting orders on a regular basis. She is proficient in Web designing, Web development and Graphic designing.

Recently, She crossed a major landmark by being rated as “Top Rated Seller” on Fiver selected her for their Google Partnership Program.

Freelancing as a Career for Women

 Now She started her own IT-based social enterprise called “Connecting Pakistan”. Women empowerment is a key issue in Pakistan and Anum’s work on this social sector. She wants to give women a new option through freelancing.

Her initiative is a free of cost training program offered to girls who study at Government College. Which is currently in its third cycle. Recently, the program has trained over 100 women who are now working as freelancers.

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