May 19, 2020

Legendary Sanwal Esakhelvi

sanwal esakhelvi

Pakistan Music Industry

The Music of Pakistan includes a broad range of music from various parts of the South-Asia as well as from Central-Asia, Middle Eastern, and Western popular music guidance. From all these multiple supremacies, an individual Pakistani sound has emerged.

Pakistan has produced many brilliant singers, which have a special and unique voice and style it their singing. Pakistan currently has a large percentage of young singers which become the pride of Pakistan and represented it’s motherland internationally.

Sanwal Esakhelvi :

Sanwal Esakhelvi is one of the bright stars among these talented singers. Being inspired by the Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Mehdi Hassan, and by his father Attaullah Esakhelvi, Sanwal started his music career.

Because Sanwal Esakhelvi has been around music since he was born that’s the reason, Sanwal is practiced in folk as well as in traditional music.

Education :

Sanwal has Studied Sound Engineering from London. He follows his career as a singer and an Audio Engineer. Recently he introduces himself as an Electronic Music Producer. He working towards reaching out to people around the world, blending our rich cultural folk and ghazal music style with western genres and electronic music.

He also performed in Coke studios Pakistan along with his father for successive 2 seasons. In both seasons, he introduces a unique approach towards progressive folk, playback singing, and the merger of electronic music with our cultural content.

Sanwal outmoded working in the British film industry as a Visual Effect Artist and Sound Designer. With his first journey into the Pakistan music industry, Sanwal has released his debut album Teray Khayal Mein and continues to work on more music.

Then he did his work by singing the beautiful OST of famous drama serial Ishq Tamasha. Therefore, he sang another viral famous drama OST Bissat-e-Dil.

Upcoming :

Very soon, He will give an exquisite presentation by singing his new track Piyaar Hogaya, which is going to release on this Eid.

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