March 31, 2020

Role of Social Media for Coronavirus Pandemic

Role of Social Media for Coronavirus Pandemic

Role of Social Media for Coronavirus Pandemic

Today we will discuss about the Role of Social Media for Coronavirus Pandemic. 

The Coronavirus pandemic has posed bigger challenges for the social media companies as the use of internet increased due to lockdown.

Global coronavirus death toll surges pass 30,000. The coronavirus pandemic is running spread across the globe and there doesn’t seem to be the end in sight. 

It started in China in December 2019 and now has grown all over the world.

Role of Social Media for Coronavirus Pandemic

Social Media & Coronavirus

Social media is one of the best way to share news nowadays. Especially if you want to alert people of something very serious in very quick manner. 

You have seen pretty much term of coronavirus over the last few days. 

The large number of people being affected by this illness in states, countries, cities and towns.

This news has made people aware of how the situation has been constantly deteriorating across the world. 

Social media has also educated us about the symptoms of Coronavirus in turns perhaps saving lives. 

Safety tips are another enormous thing spread through the social media. One in particular, is the term”social distancing”. Which involve in increasing the physical space between the people to avoid the spreading of the virus. 

It also suggested staying at least 6 feet away from other people to lessen the chance of catching COVID-19.

The best thing that has happened across the social media platforms is the number of professional athletes, celebrities and politicians. That have spoken up urging people to take COVID-19 seriously and follow instructions.

The novel coronavirus, however has opened up an entirely different problem. But experts say stronger action from tech companies is needed to stop misinformation against coronavirus among people. 

Social media are geared to provide all kind of information against the coronavirus among people in which Facebook, Twitter and other such companies are involved.

Facebook has placed authoritative information against the coronavirus at the top of news feed and make it efforts to remove harmful content. 

Zuckerberg also said earlier that a public health crisis is easier arena than politics to set policies and to take harder line on questionable content.

Twitter said it would step up use of similar automation but would not ban users based solely on automated enforcement because of accuracy concern. 

The three Silicon Valley internet services giants, like many companies worldwide, have asked employees and contractors to work from home if possible to slow down the fast spread of respiratory disease

Google said human review of automated policy decisions also would be slower for other product and phone support would be limited. 

So, some users, advertisers, developers and publishers may face delays in support response time for non-critical services. Which will be supported through our chat, email and self-service channels.

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