March 21, 2020

Importance of Science and Technology

Science and Technology

Science and Technology

Science And Techonology

Science is a systematic process to gain knowledge through observations and experiments.
Technology is used to design products to improve the quality of human life.

Science and technology plays very important role in every human life. It is impossible to imagine our daily life without science and technology. Every day new technologies come up to improve our lifestyle and to make ourselves comfortable.

Science and Technology

We live in the universe where we have to carry out many activities to support our lives which is totally depend on our knowledge and experience…. It’s change, innovate and motificate the natural environment which surround us to perceived human mental satisfaction and their needs. Science needs technology in order to apply the rules and technology uses science to its betterment and development.
Our society is affected greatly by both science and technology. Every day a new technical devices are developed in every field of human life which not only support human life but also give us mental satisfaction and peace.


The technology use in many aspects;
. Educational Technology
. Knowledge Management
. Technological Literacy

Science and Technology

Role of Technology:

Technology and Science is the main aspect in medical field. Medical technology is a board field where innovation and motivation plays a crucial role in sustaining health like Biotechnology, Information technology, Pharmaceuticals. Medical devices and equipments made more significant contributions to improve peoples’ health all around the world.
It also helped the students in their study fields because technology has ability to enhance relations between students and teachers. It also helps in making teaching and learning more meaningful and interesting.

My Thoughts :

In my opinion where the science and technology helps us to maintain our lifestyle. It makes our life easy. It helps us to  handling things easily, It makes our work more faster and easier meanwhile it is also polluting our environment, It becomes cause of pollution in our surroundings, It affects our health, It makes people lazy. Some people adopted the use of technology in a wrong way. People have to use it in a right way.

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