April 12, 2020

Top 10 Youngest Actresses of Pakistan

Top 10 Youngest Actresses of Pakistan

Top 10 Youngest Actresses of Pakistan

Acting required a lot of hard work for those actress who want to place themselves in a industry. 

Pakistani drama industry has many young and talented actresses who have associated with this profession. 

All these actresses stepped into the entertainment industry and made a name for themselves.

Alizeh Shah:

Alizeh Shah is undoubtedly one of the youngest and talented faces of the Pakistani Drama Industry. 

She is only 19 years old. She did her first commercial along with Waseem Akram when she was only 6 years old. 

Later, She joined the drama industry in 2018. She played a supporting role in famous movie of Pakistan (Superstar) alongside Mahira Khan. Alizah Shah worked as a leading role in super hit Pakistani Dramas

Kinza Hashmi:

Kinza Hashmi started her acting career when she was just 16 years old. Kinza Hashmi is another young actress who takes her work seriously. 

Kinza derives happiness from her profession. Kinza Hashmi was first discovered when she ramps for a fashion show and from there, her journey begins. 

Kinza well-known due to her dedication to her work and by her good look and talent. Kinza played a leading role in dramas which became very popular. Her passion and dedication take Kinza far.

Aiman Khan:

Aiman Khan started her career as a child star and worked in many TV commercials. According to Aimen, She enjoyed her profession especially because of her twin sister Minal Khan. 

A few years back, She revamps her career completely and then She gained more popularity than ever. 

Numbers of people followed her projects and like her due to her good looks and simple role. Aimen Khan surely made a big name for herself

Iqra Aziz :

Iqra Aziz started her career in acting when she is in 10th Grade. Like others, She was doing commercials in the beginning. 

After college, She started to work full time in the media industry. She stepped into the world of acting with the drama serial Kissey Apna Kahei, in which Iqra played a leading role. Iqra is very passionate about her acting.

Hania Amir :

Hania is young and immensely talented. Hania stepped in the acting world about four years back, when she was only 18 years old. 

She made her debut by acting in a big film in Pakistan (Janaan). She taking her acting career more seriously. Hania starred in many dramas and films which became more famous ever.

Minal Khan :

Minal was born along with her twin sister Aimen Khan. Minal started her acting career in 2013. 

She gained wider recognition for appearing in a supporting role in 2014 in Mere Meherban. She played a leading role in many famous dramas. 

She has millions of followers due to her gorgeous and good looks as well as talented skills.

Sarah Khan :

Sarah Khan didn’t need any kind of introduction. Everyone knows her by her good looks and talented acting. 

She made her screen debut with the leading role in Badi Apa. She rose to prominence with the role of a selfish opportunist in the Moomal-produced drama. 

She earned her Hum Style Award due to her talented acting skills. She also do the horror story drama and then she does band khirkiya which praise her skill.

Ayeza Khan :

Ayeza Khan joined the drama industry in 2008. Ayeza Khan appears in many dramas and telefilm mainly in leads role. 

In recent hit drama Pyary Afzal, She totally played different kinds of role, which was hit by her viewers and show her different acting styles. Ayeza is known for her gorgeous style and looks too.

Sajal Aly :

Sajal Aly is a Pakistani actress as well as a good model. She made her screen debut in 2011 with Mehmoodabad Ki Malakai. 

She is noted for playing a variety of characters in a range of serials—from contemporary social to romantic dramas. 

She is also called as the innocent face of the industry, She do a lot of hit TV shows. She rose her name and earned fame in a very short time.

Neelum Muneer :

Neelum Muneer is an eye catching face of Pakistan Drama Industry. Neelum Munir is known well because of her mole on the upper lip. 

She started her acting journey in Qaid e Tanhai. She played a leading role in manies of drama. 

She also acts in Pakistani Film as heroin. She is one of the most gorgeous and talented face of Pakistan Drama Industry.

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